Team PyroTech began in 2010, in Cary, North Carolina, with 12 rookie students. When we began, we wanted to create a community in which robotics would be used as a tool for allowing each individual to grow and cultivate new skills regardless of how much previous experience they may have had.


A key part of our team structure has been an organic leadership model. Organic Leadership empowers individuals to naturally assume roles inside the team. “An organic team is flexible, the entire team pivots on this ability to work together without rigid procedures which allows them to adapt and react quickly and easily to changes.”

~ S. Walter

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This year, we have a strong core of 19 committed students, and what was once only PyroTech has grown into The Forge Initiative (TFI), a non-profit committed to increasing STEAM involvement in our surrounding community. Throughout our 8 years, we have been without a build space three times and regularly seek the bigger spaces necessary to incorporate new members of our multi-team community.

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